Grata ad inquisitionem nostram ava- rarum obturaculum

- 2022-07-22-

Masculum (acus) et femina M12 habet.


Opus genus B, TYPE D contactu exigo


Linea longitudo nativus 3 metrorum, 5 metrorum, 10 metrorum, etc., potest etiam nativus duplex caput, mas et femina, caput muliebre duplex vel caput masculinum duplex.


Societas specialitas in productione M8,M12 et aliis productis affinibus cognoscens massam productionem nervus interfaciei M12 et varias formas A, B. D type, the reliability of the product is very high, to solve the urgent need of users, users have won praise.  1000PCS can be delivered within 7 days of delivery time.  Products are plastic assembly type, metal shield type.  The number of pins and sockets in the socket is: 3 pins, 3 holes, 4 pins, 4 holes, 5 pins, 5 holes, 8 pins, 8 holes.  M12 cable plug products matching with M12 socket products are directly cast cable into one, the cable length can be specified by the user, such as 1 m, 2 m, 10 m, etc.  Joint type: straight head, 90 degree elbow.  Pin jack copper gold plated.  Service life: 1000 times.  Can accept the custom production of users.  


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2 filum metrorum, caput rectum et cubitus duas species, secundum usum ambitus eligere oportet.