Connector Inspectionis

- 2021-08-27-


Fundamentalis structuraiungo

iungos are parts of electronic equipment that connect circuits to transmit current and are irreplaceable. The basic structure of the iungoin quattuor partes dividi potest: contactum, insulatorem, testam et accessiones.
Contactus: Componitur ex contactu masculino et contactu feminae, et nexus electricus per contactos maris et feminae conficitur. Notus est nucleus parsiungoquae maxime munere nexus electrici agit.
Insulator: Partes contactuum disponere potest secundum situm et iustam condicionem, et efficere velit effectum inter frusta contactuum et inter crustam et inter partes contactuum. Insulatores appellantur etiam bases et laminae escendentes, quae materias insulares requirunt ad resistentiam bonam habent, intentionem faciendi, et facilitatem expediendi.
Shell: As the outer cover of the iungo, it mainly provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting board and pins.
Accessiones: Duae sunt species accessiones structurarum ac accessiones institutionum. Accessiones structurae, annuli fibulae, anuli connexi, fibulae anuli, clavi positi, rector paxilli, annuli signandi, gasketes etc.; institutionem accessiones cochlearum, nucum, cochlearum, anulorum fontium, etc.

Cum societate et progressu technologico progressus;iungos are playing an increasingly important role in various fields. In order to ensure their safety, durability and other performance, it is essential to test iungos. Generally speaking, the testing standards for iungos mainly include insertion and removal force, insulation resistance, durability, withstand voltage, contact resistance, vibration, and mechanical shock. The details are as follows:

1. iungovi insertionis test.

2. iungo insulation resistance test

3. iungo durability test.

4. iungo withstand voltage test.

5. iungocontactu resistentia test.

6. iungo vibration test.

7. iungo mechanical shock test.

iungo productinspectionem

iungo product inspection requirements mainly cover appearance, quality and performance.

1. Structura magnitudine: Quaedam sunt requisita ad figuram et magnitudinem figurarum et nexus earumiungo has space restrictions. For example, the single-board iungo cannot contact other parts, so the inspection of the structure size is the most important.

2. Reliability: The reliability of the connecting parts is related to the signal connection strength of the iungo, and the reliability is a necessary inspection item for the performance inspection of the iungo.

3. Shielding: clypeus effectus estiungoinsuper ac magis. Effectus protegens fieri potest per connexionem metallicamiungo with the shielding layer, or wrapping the plug part of the iungo with copper, and the shielding layer of the cable The copper sheets are welded together to act as a shield.

4. Versatility: When choosing iungos, try to choose general objects, which can reduce supply risks and costs, and reduce material types.

5. Diuturnitatem: diuturnitatemiungorelucet eius facultatem accommodare ad ambitus implicatos. Communes inspectiones indicibus caliditas resistentia includunt, caloris humilis resistentia, aspergine salis resistentia et resistentia corrosio.

6. Impedance matching: The RF signal of the iungo has high requirements for impedance matching. Impedance mismatch will cause signal reflection and affect signal transmission.